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The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) oversees all aspects of student life.

Physiology Students are offered residence in Housing Buildings reserved for members of the Columbia Medical Center community. Single student housing as well as couples housing options are available. In addition, students also have free membership to the Bard Athletic Center.
 More on-campus housing link.

Graduate Student Benefits & Opportunities
Physiology Students have access to all the resources provided by the Graduate School of Arts of Sciences (GSAS) including Multidisciplinary Training Opportunities, membership to the New York Academy of Sciences, and the option of free enrollment in any class at the Columbia Morningside Campus.

In addition, the Graduate Student Organization also hosts events specifically for students in the various biomedical sciences graduate programs at Columbia University Medical Center. Past examples include social gatherings, visits to the Bronx Zoo, and the US Open Tennis Championships.

The Arts Initiative at Columbia University offers year-round discounts and events for Columbia Students. These benefits include free admission to over 30 museums, discounted Broadway Tickets, and subsidized admission to a wide range of performing arts events throughout New York.

New York Attractions
Home to the Yankees baseball team, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, beautiful Central Park, and, of course, the infamous Times Square, it’s no wonder New York is one of the most sought after cities in the world. Students are encouraged to explore and experience this amazing city during their graduate careers with resources provided to help them.  

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